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Pixel Ninja Entertainment is an advanced game design company who provides innovative solutions to common market problems in other games. Our aim is not to make profit, but to make a fun, enjoyable gaming community. Because of this, we only make games, that we know our team would enjoy, meaning less ads (none in most cases) and an even playing field with your opponent.

Hex! Run screenshot

Hex! Run, our latest game fresh off the printing press has spent 3 years in development, it is a fast paced, action runner with 7 levels, and hours of content, it went up for sale on the Discord store on March 10th 2020, and since then, has amassed 8k+ downloads

Hex! Run

Hex! Run, a fast-paced, action runner game available on the Discord store. Can you escape the dark cave, or will you fall to the red spikes and other dangers?

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